Tangle It! Journal in action

We have received wonderful reviews on Amazon and on various places.

Eni Oken, the author of many beautiful shading eBooks wrote on her blog: “The format of the book was designed so that every project occupies either a single page or a double spread, totally self contained and independent from the rest. That means that you can close your eyes and open the book anywhere and you’ll find a delightful project on one side — complete with fun inspirational art — and on the other side enough blank space to fill up the pages with drawings, tangles and patterns of your own.”

Click here for Eni’s Tangle it Journal – Book Review.

Lily Moon, an extraordinarily talented artist, wrote on her blog: “This book is inspirational with easy to follow patterns ideas. Perfect for tanglers of all levels. Step-by-step demonstrations help you get started and provide guidance on how to use those tangles. My granddaughter looked through the book and asked if she could give it a try.  🙂  Fun for all ages, adds fun and creativity . In my opinion this book would make a good present for anyone. I recommend this book.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Click here to read the full story.

Ellen Wolters, well know YouTuber, created a Flip-Through Video.

Our readers shared some creations in the Tangle It! Journal Facebook group.

Pamela, from North Carolina posted the “Olim Challenge”

Artwork by Pamela

Debra from California shared her before and after coloring artwork of Heartwrap

Debras Artwork

And Rachel from Ohio presented us the Bookmark Challenge pictures: “Bookmarks! I love making bookmarks: quick, easy, and make great gifts.”

Rachel's bookmarks

Debbie shared with us the first practice page from Michigan.

Debbie's Artwork

Everyone is having great fun with the new patterns. We present additional weekly challenges in the Facebook group. During the month of October, Ina is introducing a new tangle pattern every day.

So, join our little TIJ Club on Facebook and share the excitement with us.


2 thoughts on “Tangle It! Journal in action

  1. I am very flattered to be included in this blog today! I am loving my Tangle It! journal! I really enjoy seeing others share their work on the Tangle It! Journal Club on Facebook and also posting my own projects. Lot of inspiration and creativity that will keep me busy for a long time!

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