Tangle it! Hands

The artwork created by our users always amazes me. Simona, Alice and I are so very happy to see the Tangle It! Journal in action. Here is a selection of tangled hands, that were posted in the Tangle It! Journal’s Facebook group:

Alice started off – before the book was even published:

Tangled Hand by Alice Hendon

Here is the hand of Ellen Wolters:
Tangled Hand by Ellen Wolters

Ellen then added color – isn’t that beautiful?!

Tangled Hand Ellen Wolters

Thank you, Tricia Long for allowing me to post your hand! Can you see Bubble Love 🙂

Tangled Hand Tricia Long

And one more, the hand of Lily Moon. Lily’s artwork is simply outstanding!

Tangle Hand Lily Moon

There are many more images to look at for inspiration. Join our Tangle It! Journal Facebook group. Hints and tips, inspiration, and additional new patterns, more challenges – all this can be found online.

Happy tangling!




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