Tangle It! Practice Book

We promised another surprise for this week .. and here it is:

Tangle It! Practice Book   Tangle It! Practice Book

All three of us were missing a book that allows us to record step by step instructions for patterns and a place to practice. We love tangling, however individual tiles are easily lost. When we realized that each of us use a journal to organize, practice, and store tiles, we decided to create “the perfect book for tanglers”. A place where we have it all: record step outs AND lots of room to tangle. Our combined experience produced this lovely Practice Book.

This book provides a place for you to:

  • store 256 step outs,
  • tangle 240 blank squares, and work with
  • 144 pre-strung tiles.

We included a basic introduction to tangling, shading, and creating strings, plus a few interesting topics to inspire you.

Now, tangle on!

ZenHugs from Alice, Simona, and Ina

The Ultimate Accessory for Tanglers – All organized in one great little practice book!

This book is available in 2 versions: black& white and full color. We highly recommend the color version. The paper quality is thicker and it is just so much more fun to have a bit of color in your life!

Here are some pages from the book so you know what to expect:

Tangle it Practice Book Index Tangle it Practice Book Step Out Page Tangle it Practice Book Strings Large Tangle it Practice Book Strings Small

Click the image below to place your order through Amazon:

Tangle It! Practice Book Tangle It Practice Book Black & White Edition

The Deluxe Edition on the right is in full color and the paper is thicker.

The Black & White Editions contains only Black and White pages.

Tangle It! Planner Tangle It Journal


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