About the authors

Alice, Simona, and Ina met through Facebook. It soon crystallized that all 3 have a lot in common: the love for drawing, blogging, chatting, and of course CATS!

Combining their talents produced this entertaining Journal. Each one contributed in their own way – recommending their favorite method to apply meditative drawing during a stressful day.


Simona Cordara
Simona is a talented artist that lives from her art. In 2010, she discovered mindful tangling while searching for ways to fight a chronic illness. Tangling acts as a painkiller for her. She is also dedicated to mixed media journaling and enjoys creating beautiful Mandalas.
Simona lives in Italy with her family and her 4 cats.
Follow her blog at www.timelessrituals.blogspot.com


Alice Hendon
Alice lives in Florida, USA, with her husband and cat. She has three grown children.
“I did not grow up believing I could draw, so tangling really spoke to me. Any one who can follow directions can learn the art of tangling and make beautiful works of art. I literally found art journaling and tangling on pinterest. It sang to me, it drew me in. Now I consider myself an artangleologist – designing my own tangles, having my work published, creating color tutorials, and generally having a blast creating art! Who would have ever believed it?”
Follow Alice at www.thecreatorsleaf.com OR on Instagram as thecreatorsleaf


Ina Sonnenmoser
Ina’s art has been influenced by the fact that she lived on 3 different continents; Europe, Africa and Australia.
“I apply the same principles to my artwork that I applied to my work as a photographer: composition, colour balance and the effect of light and shadow.” Her favourite mediums are bright alcohol-based ink markers combined with pencil for shading. Drawing provides her with a way to reflect on the beauty of nature and the harmony in which patterns can interact with each other.
Ina lives with her family, cat, dog and hamster in Germany.
Her blog can be found at inasomo.wordpress.com


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